*sin-ek'tiks, n. the study of processes leading to invention, with the end aim of solving practical problems, esp. by a synectics group, a miscellaneous group of people of imagination and ability but varied interests. [Chambers Twentieth Century Dictionary]

Research: Tony Shell

Tony's curriculum vitae: 31 years as a Defence Systems Analyst working on advanced research, at 7 different major sites within the UK aerospace industry; and subsequently 12 years as an independent researcher and writer.

Complexity Theory, Research and Applications:


Organisational Complexity. Emergence. Mathematical Systems Theory. Behavioural Systems Theory. Structure Complexity and Behavioural Complication. Systems of Systems. Polymorphic Complexity. Comparative Measures of Utility. Optimisation Under Constraints. Problem Tractability. Complex Evolutionary Systems and Adaptation.
Applications [1] - Systems Engineering:


Formal Specification of Requirements. Specification of (Complex) Design Solutions. Proof of Design Correctness. Behavioural (Functional) Analysis. Hybrid Technological Implementation. Identification of Evaluation (Optimality) Criteria and Constraints. Conformance and Compliance Testing.
  Applications [2] - Social Systems:
Structures of Complex Social Groups. Emergent Organisational Behaviour (Culture). Co-Evolutionary 'Niche' Development. Cultural Kinetics. Social Stability. Ethnic and Cultural Identity.
  Published Research Papers:

  1. Function Based Design Of Complex, Complicated Systems, Shell, A. D., 9th International Symposium, INCOSE, Brighton, England, June 1999.
  2. A Systems Theoretic Process For Efficient Design Of Optimal Systems, Shell, A. D., , 2nd European Systems Engineering Conference, INCOSE, Munich, Sept. 2000, pp. 165-176.
  3. System Function Implementation and Behavioral Modeling: A Systems Theoretic Approach, Shell, A. D., , Jnl. Systems Engineering, Vol 4, No 1, 2001, pp. 58-75.
  4. Requirements Completeness: Absolute or Relative?, Carson, R. S., Shell, A. D., , Jnl. Systems Engineering, Vol 4, No 3, 2001, pp. 230-231.
  5. The Direct Synthesis Of Optimal Design Solutions For Complex Systems, Shell, A. D., , in Optimization in Industry, Ed. by Parmee I. and Hajela P., Springer-Verlag, London, 2002 [Chapter contribution to Book].
  6. The Synthesis Of Optimal Systems Design Solutions, Shell, A. D., , Jnl. Systems Engineering, Vol 6, No 2, 2003, pp. 92-105
  Historic Research: Systems-Theoretic Design

Current Research: Terrorism Investigations

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