Independent research


Investigative Reports:

[1]   ‘Those Who Destroy an anti-Genocide Movement’ [pdf]

[2]   ‘Europe – Islam and The Great Replacement’ [pdf]

[3]   ‘State Complicity – Muslim Rape Gangs’ [pdf]

[4]   ‘The Oslo and UtŅya Mass Murders’ [pdf]

[5]   ‘The Pan Am 103 / Lockerbie Bombing’ [under review]

[6]   ‘Replacing The English’ [pdf]       

[7]   ‘Reputational Confirmation Record [1]’ [pdf]







This research is an on-going process. Any information relating to this work will be very much appreciated. Unless mutually agreed otherwise, any and all communications will be treated in STRICT CONFIDENCE.

The focus is on globalist Collectivist Terrorism (CT). *

This work is undertaken as a wholly independent enterprise - it is not funded, directed, or otherwise controlled or under the influence of any other organization, group or individual.

It is intended that these investigations should serve as a contribution to the safety and well being of all people subject to the effects of all extreme, eliminationist ideologies, theocracies, and tyrannies.



* COLLECTIVIST TERRORISM (CT) is a totalitarian and tyrannical order where group identities (and the relationships between groups) of a subject society are defined, dictated, and enforced through implied, threatened or actual violence against any disobedient people (individuals) and/or identifiable groups – or (ultimately) by the elimination of such people and/or groups entirely. Of particular and special concern (addressed and reported on in this research) is the contemporary conflation of a number of superficially different CT ideologies, namely: globalism; neo-fascism; progressivism; millenialism; anti-conservatism; anti-nationalism; anti-European racism and Islam. Marxist socialism, Nazism, fascism and Islam are all defined as Collectivist Terrorist ideologies in this regard – of a ‘collectivist’ identity being defined, imposed and enforced ‘top-down’ by an authoritarian elite. This is in stark contrast to a natural form of ‘collectivist identity’ that emerges ‘bottom-up’ from a population inhabiting a homeland over a very considerable period of time (i.e. the shared ethno-cultural identity of an indigenous population).



Disclaimer: [1] Every reasonable effort have been made to ensure that the information given in this report is accurate in content and fairly reported. However considerable difficulties have been encountered in gaining access to full information concerning activities and intentions of the State and its ancillary organisations – even from official sources. This is an ongoing endeavour, therefore we would therefore welcome any additional information from authoritative, verifiable sources regarding the above issues – for the purpose of confirmation, amendment, correction or supplementary reporting; [2] we have been unable to locate the sources/copyright holders for some of the images used in this website, but if notified we should be pleased to append the appropriate acknowledgements or remove those images (if required to do so); and [3] references from, or links to other sources (printed or electronic/website material) should not be construed as our support for or endorsement of the opinions or assertions contained within those sources.


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